2017.06.19 Latest Addition to IMV’s Product Range -16,700 lbf Air Cooled Shaker-

IMV CORPORATION’ s latest addition to the A-series range has already achieved significant success with many blue chip companies taking advantage of this industry leading system.
The world leading A-series class A74 has a displacement of 3.0 in p-p and a shock velocity rating of 138 in/s. This makes the A74 capable of a 100 g, 433 in/s shock pulse with an exceptional force rating of 16,700 lbf sine and random.
The A74 is available with IMV’ s award winning eco-technology.


  System Model A74/EM8HM A74/EM10HM
  Frequency Range(Hz) 0-2,600*3 0-2,600*3
Sine (lbf) 16,700 16,700
Random (lbf rms)*1 16,700 16,700
Shock (lbf) 33,300(27,000) 40,500(36,000)
Sine (g) 102 102
Random (g rms) 65 65
Shock (g) 153 153
Sine (in/s) 79 79
Shock (in/s) 99 (138) 99 (138)
Sine (inp-p) 3.0 3.0
Maximum Travel (inp-p) 3.2 3.2
Maximum Load (lbs) 2,205 2,205
Power Requirements (kVA)*2 100 100
Model A74 A74
Armature Mass (lbs) 164 164
Armature Diameter (φin) 17.6 17.6
Allowable Eccentric Moment (lbf in) 13,700 13,700
Dimensions (in) WxHxD 52x50x41 52x50x41
Shaker Body Diameter (φin) 37 37
Mass (lbs) 7,720 7,720
Model EM8HM-A74 EM10HM-A74
Maximum Output (kVA) 100 100
Dimensions (in) WxHxD 69*4x77x34 69x77x34
Mass (lbs) 3,969*5 3,969
Blower Dimensions (in) WxHxD 58x111x37 58x111x37
Mass (lbs) 1,182 1,182
  • *1) Force ratings are specified in accordance with ISO5344 conditions. Please contact IMV or your local distributor with specific
      test requirements.
  • *2) Power supply: 3-phase 200/220 V, 50/60 Hz or 3-phase 380/400/415/440 V, 50/60 Hz.
      A transformer is required for other supply voltages.If other voltage is required, delivery date needs extra one month.
  • *3) Above 2,000 Hz, the force rolls-off at a rate of -12 dB/oct.
  • *4)Width of EM8HM power amplifier is 46 in when the power supply is 200-240 V.
  • *5)Mass of EM8HM power amplifier is 3,307 lbs when the power supply is 200-240 V.
  • * The specification shows the maximum system performance. For long-duration tests, de-rating by up to 70% must be applied.
      Continuous use at maximum levels may cause failure.
  • * In the case of Random vibration test, please set the test definition of the peak value of acceleration waveform to be operated less than
      the maximum acceleration of Shock.
  • * Frequency range values vary according to sensor and vibration controller.