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Ecology -Environmentally-friendly vibration systems-

Energy saving type vibration simulation system [ECO-Shaker]


Dynamic Simulation Systems consume a lot of electricity. IMV has developed environmentally friendly products which minimise the required electric power and cut down electric consumption and CO2 emissions. Due to the great contribution to the promotion of efficient use of energy, the technology of ECO-Shaker received the Chairman's award from The Machinery Federation in 2012.

■Automatic energy saving

Vibration controller K2
Vibration controller K2

ECO-shaker is an electrodynamic vibration shaker system in which the output of the power amplifier, power input to the vibration generator and cooling blower speed are automatically optimised, according to the payload and test requirements.
Complicated manual settings are no longer needed.
Changes in the operating environment or in test level are accommodated without operator intervention.

Only vibration test levels need to be set
Automatic response to changes in sample under test or test level
Continuous monitoring of temperatures used to control blower speed
*Operation condition selection system and method (JP Patent No. 4231095)
*Operation condition selection system and program (JP Patent No. 4263229)

■Simple confirmation of reduction of CO2 and electricity consumption

Energy-saving results screen
Energy-saving results screen

When combined with the IMV 'K2' vibration controller, the ECO-shaker system computes and displays electricity savings in real-time. A report of energy consumption can be produced after each test.

■Effect of energy saving

Comparison of power consumption with the conventional system

The lower the system output, the more energy saving can be achieved.


Calculation method
Calculation of CO2 reduction, referring to actual data of our i250/SA4M (Maximum force 32kN)
1) Random
2) Average operating output: 25%
3) Average operating ratio per year: 70%
*Results may vary for systems, test conditions and cases.

Save up

Save up to 80% on your running costs
Reduce yout CO2 emissions by up to 80%

CO2 reduction effect

CO2 reduction

CO2 reduction

Running cost

Electric fee reduction effect

■Operation of ISM-EM (Power consumption)

Minimising the energy consumption of a conventional vibration shaker system would require complex calculation and adjustments to suit the test requirements. The Integrated Shaker Manager (ISM-EM) technology incorporated within the ECO-shaker system automatically controls the power amplifier output, field level and blower speed to achieve the maximum efficiency under all test conditions.

■Upgrading existing systems

ISM-EM technology can be added to existing IMV vibration shaker systems by installing the ISM-EM
module and additional software. Contact IMV or your local distributor for further information
and delivery.

Example design
Example design

■Improvement of working conditions


Ensuring the vibration system is operating efficiently not only saves money; it also can reduce noise levels and heat dissipation into the workplace.
This improves the working environment and can simplify initial installation.

■Contribution to the environment

Many countries have introduced legislation, such as the Clean Development Mechanism in the Kyoto Protocol,and the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, obliging businesses and their products to be more energyefficient.
The IMV ECO-shaker systems help to meet these regulations.

■Replacement to ECO amplifier

IMV have announced a further expansion of our ECO range of electro-dynamic test solutions by offiering customers with existing vibration equipment the opportunity to upgrade their test systems.
The upgrade to "ECO" program is open to all customers who own any manufacturers vibration shaker systems.
IMV will provide a new efficient power amplifier along with the ISM shaker manager which will enable existing vibration systems to operate with the minimum of power and also decrease the operating noise of the system.
The ISM software will automatically calculate the electrical savings the customer will make, as opposed to his previous vibration shaker system configuration and allow him to report these savings along with the CO2 emissions for each test.
As an added incentive IMV will also be including within this upgrade a new four channel vibration control system with Sine Random and Shock software.

Replacement to ECO amplifier

Real Automatic Energy-Saving Driving.
Complicated Settings are Not Necessary.
Lower Your Noise Emissions
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
Result of Reduced Power Consumption
When it's 20% output:70% reduction.
When it's 40% output:40% reduction.
The reduction effect noted above is just an example, so it could be different depending on the updated system.